Monday, January 9, 2012

any gud in 2011 ???

just quick update in this luvly entry
seem semua org busy with court rulling in anuar's case
so akak tetiba nak citer pasal 2011

yeah mesti uols tertanya
akak mirch tak nak wat review the best 2011's man ker?
like what i did for year 2010
the ans is yes, but just in my mind, not final yet

the true is i need to share my feeling
some of my frez anggap the thing dah over
tapi entah la blum kot

the lesson is
i will cry for one day or one week or one month
if the guy or hubby leave me
its occay, the PRADA and HERMES will do my best frez during the cover period

but i'm crying the entire life
when my closed frez leaving or do something bad into me...

and 'someone' out there
pls do understand me
if i did not reply ur msg
not mean gegurl marah u to be at other side
no..infact i never wish u be at my side at all
just be linean
..n gegurl tak nak
any msg masa tgh marah/tgh mood swing
ada ayat /phrase yang tak sepatut i cakap

this year gegurl dah plan
infact dah beli tiket flight pun to few neighbour countries
so tunggu jer percutian ala biasa-biasa hehehe :)


  1. mama mcm x sabar jugak nak tunggu ur boys selection of 2011..mesti juara mama rasa budak palestin itew.oppss
    anyway another clause yang mama suka kat ayat tu..
    the PRADA and HERMES will do my best frenz...

    p.s lama x window shopping kan

  2. Mama..uols ikut mood nak komen sekap ada skjp tak der heheh.. Yer lah dah lama tak shopping kan padahal baru last 2 weeks heheh. Anyway now cam kena shoopping seminggu skali lah baru best, regardless the price.

    haha yes juara tetap palestine di hati hehehe

    yeah HERMES next year bulan 3 opsss

  3. Life comes in a total package with its ups and downs where we all always emerged stronger each time we've gone throgh each stage in life....

    For Ratu Mirch, if all alternative failed, pasti Hermes, LV, Prada, CK, etc as well as all the latest electronic gadgets will cheer you up kan? Hee hee hee...

    Long live the Queen and thank you for the wonderful blog...and may 2012 brings more great success.

  4. Mirch..bukan xnak komen ler..
    memanglah kejap ada kejap xder..mcm biskut uols..
    lagipun kan kita bz dengan kerjaya masing2..

  5. yup..ternantikan review 2011 kak mirch..

  6. magic ..hahahha, berabad la uols tunggu

    mama .. hehe paham kerjaya uols yang vogue ittew

    benz.. yeah 2012 bring more happines,luv dragon year sbb i lahir jua tahun naga heheh

  7. lets gegurl gi jln obersee

  8. percutian biasa-biasa really dalam vocab Diva? cam tak caya...


  9. yes! 2012 will be a great year! i can feel it! huhuhu~

  10. john .. wish so :)

    GSU .. yup la, tahun nier nak shop2 dlm negara, n save duit for grand trip early 2013..haa advance sgt

  11. ani .. yup during CNY yer cuti panjang lets ur passport ready

  12. Sekali skala bercuti ke negara jiran mmg bestkan

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