Wednesday, January 4, 2012

call me CRAZY !!!

yeah the title entry kali nie pelik skit
but i totally agree if u guys called me crazy person
heheh yup crazy mirch marcello

aper yang crazy nyer
setakat paper bag cK her kan hehhe
jeng jeng jap

luv it come with gray dust bag

hahha this is what i called myself crazy
i just bought i pad cover
yes does not look like normal i-pad case kan
actually it is !!
the clutch case for i pad
n the best part is i DONT have i pad yet**period
so at this moment
this luvly clutch i leh masuk aper benda kan
sumbat jer inside and carry with smile

the material is leather
so soft, the texture like silk hehe

at first nak ambik tangerine color
tapi susah nak bawa ker office or official function
but this color is my fav
beside red, blue, black, orange :)

inside ada few compartment
n logo cK inside it
so miminal just like celine :)
and for sure
i should get my own i pad soon :)
yeah just top up another 50% from the clutch price

n happy new year


  1. lol..the price????

  2. Nampak macam best je...warna pun menarik...memang kelas!!!

  3. kc .... rm890

    angah .... ader gie kat butik

    benz.. mmg best,:)

    en. rezza ...:)

  4. omg the price! lol. btw, it's nice and it looks sophisticated.

    p.s: esk Apple ada Red Friday and it's only for one day. probably ada discount on Apple's models. bole kak mirch survey2 esk :)

  5. al maklumlah dah dapat BONUS kannnn

  6. john ... but i am looking for i-pad 3 ;(

    faiz .. bonus dah habits shopping be4

  7. Lawaaa...tapi mak aiii regenyer dah boleh dapat playbook hehe..

  8. kata visualise getting your ipad 3...nanti dapat lah tuh....



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