Tuesday, May 1, 2012

New Wish List

after gegurl keep searching
last week i realized that LV is issuing new bag
but before that lets gegurl recap uol with my LV bag
..yup this is mine

my 1st speedy with strap !!
i bought them in Paris last year 
and it just released on the same day 
so how lucky I am
and this year. .. i'm thinking for Boston Bag from Gucci
dah akak so happy till akak 

finds the news among LV fans
sejak dua minggu lalu
finally the most awaiting bag
Speedy in Damier is coming !!!
and tak silap akak will be available in KL starting today
(now akak akak akan bergegas to LV StarHill)
and fucking me harder
this is my new WISH LIST 


  1. akak
    ade passkey terbaru ke
    kalu ade am pon nak ek
    nih emel arm

    lama akak menghilang
    akak p mne ek

  2. Only three similar words are suitable for you Kak..."kelas, kelas, kelas!!! Hee hee hee..

  3. meh la soping kat OU uols

    1. uols nak bagi discount kat akak ker


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